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Imagine This

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Imagine... the things you will be able to do if you didn't have any sorts of Knee Pain? Cycling, Dancing, Jumping, Travelling, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving and many more...
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Anyone Can Afford This

Listen... there are a lot of people that suffer from knee pain and all they THINK they can do about it is take medication or have surgery. What if there was a special unique technique that gets rid of your on- going, constant knee pain for good... without you having to use drugs or have any type of surgery.

Would you be interested?

If you answered “YES” to that question, keep reading. I’m Dr. Michael Chan and I’ve been a local doctor in the Malaysia, for a few years, and in that time I’ve seen all kinds of knee pain. Sometimes it’s a young boy who’s been playing with his friends and tripped and tore his ACL ligament. If it’s not a sport athletic injury, or an accident, then it ‘boils down’ to about three or four things...

  1. Arthritis (wear & tear)
  2. A knee surgery gone bad or reinjured
  3. A misaligned knee joint
  4. Improper nutritional component

Now I know you don’t care what causes it, you just want it FIXED. And I get that. But do you think in your wildest dreams that taking drugs is curing anything having to do with your knee pain? NO, it doesn’t. If you’ve ever had any knee pain, had a lower back problem that bothers you no matter what you do, you need to contact me ASAP.


True Story


Michelle was a woman who was 55 years old, lived with her friend in town, had a good job, was getting ready to retire and travel, and high hopes of spending a lot of time playing with her six grandchildren. Then it seemed like out of no where she developed this quirky knee pain. When she was at home on her computer, her knee would ache. When she was standing for longer than a few minutes her knee would throb. She thought it’d just go away, but it didn’t. Then she called the office. Within a few weeks, she was back to normal.


Here’s what she and what others have said...


Katy C

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my R knee and have been told by 2 seperate orthopedic surgeons that I will never be able to improve my condition. Dr Michael’s care has allowed me to do things I have not been able to do for several years. My improvements have been tremendous!

Sylvia G

My knees and ankles were hurting badly due to my extreme sports adventures. I was concerned about its impact on my future health. Since seeing Dr Michael, I am less injury prone, as well as being stronger and more stable.

Knee Exam for Only RM49 Contact Us Now

About Dr Mike

Dr Michael is originally from Malaysia and knew from the age of 17 that his purpose in life was to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr Michael Chan

He is a well-known Chiropractor who teaches his expertise to his patients who seek him out for his knowledge in the health field. Health professionals and patients alike do whatever it takes and travel from any distance to be helped by Dr Mike. He has personally performed over 50,000 adjustments and has attended countless seminars to remain on the cutting edge and learn from the best chiropractors in the world.

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